Question I have a very strange network issue.

Jan 16, 2021
It started the day before Christmas. I just came home from work, turned my laptop on only to find Steam wouldn´t connect. The broswer was working fine tho.Also no other app seemed to be able to connect. As time passed it got weirder and weirder,like the incognito tab on chrome also wouldn´t connect,or just occasionally and very slow, also I was able to connect to Steam,just to lose the connection shortly after,even tho the launcher kept downloading content, in a game i tried to run the network diagnostic and it revealed no problems, just like the troubleshooter from windows.
After some time I downloaded NordVPN and it seems that when i connect to a vpn server i have connection like normal, but if i turn it off the problem reappears. Now the really annoying thing is that when my new gaming laptop arrived i was excited to try it out, but as soon as i opened Edge to download chrome and steam the connection broke and couldnt be able to download them, I proceeded to try for the next 6 hours, well into the night to fix it. The solution was to use an LTE router to download NordVPN, but that wasn´´t without issue: the connection totally jammed, i was just randomly being able to connect, at time i was connected and at times not,´sometimes it worked without any help and sometimes as much as i tried every possible combo of VPN/LTE/WIFI/LAN it just wouldnt work.
Now I use VPN and it works with no issue, but if I try to turn it off I only get internet the browser...then yesterday I went to a friend to try is connection out and i had the same problem there,while my buddy´s pc was doing fine. I tried running Ccleaner,Norton and Malwarebytes scan but they found nothing, Windows troubleshooter also couldnt find anything Now all my windows 7/10 pcs that we have at home have the same problem, but smartphones and my sister´s Mac are having no issue whatsoever.
I went to a friend´s to try his connection and i had the same problem but he doesn´t. It looks like all my win 10 pc have this problem, but the router works fine, since smartphones and macs work on it.
I have tried everything I could find on the internet to solve this puzzle but it seems nobody had the same issue.


Apr 20, 2011
I have a similar problem after windows updates... While i have good internet everywhere my upload speed is capped/throttled at 3-4uploading (while i can go up to 40upload) ONLY at streaming services... test my line and its fine.. but on twitch streaming test up capped at 3-4uploading OBS cannot go more than 4up for twitch nor youtube streaming. when i connect my mobile to the same network on same twitch tests getting constant 30uploading super stable like i did before the windows updates... something is wrong with Windows congestion provider...
Sounds like your windows is borked. Download a linux live cd/usb and if that works fine, it confirms that it's windows.

The other potential problem is that your isp is having issues, hence why a vpn might work as it would bypass the problem.