Question I have an Aorus z390 ultra gaming motherboard by GIgabyte. Currently my headset mic and fans are not working

Mar 21, 2019
Mic: Whether im in game or in discord, my friends have told me my mic sounds static-y or robotic. I try to replug my headset but this is either an only very temporary solution or doesn't work at all. I did not have this problem before I switched to my current motherboard so that is why I assume it is the MOBO. For my fans, all the fans I have plugged in simply do not work except the main CPU fan. I've tried to reinstall drivers and software but nothing seems to work. I asked around and I was told to either contact gigabyte and get a new MOBO as I have a warranty(but I wanna try to atleast fix it before going through the hassle) or check to see if I have bent CPU pins? Does anyone else have an idea or solution, or agree with the ones listed?