Question I have an issue with my new laptop

Aug 30, 2020
So i got a new hp pavillion laptop a few weeks ago and everything was going fine,temps were high at 80 degrees but that was mostly fine because i deactivated turbo boost and it never peaked 70.

Anyways, back to the point, I have been noticing screen tearing but it was weird, it only happened on the edges of objects, walls in game worlds like counter strike and only when close to them, and if they were a certain color, for example brown.

This has been bugging me as of late and its very noticeable on boxes which have vertical grooves. Turning on vsync seems to fix the issue but i can’t stand the delay and gsync and fast vsync are not available. Plus csgo wont accept any changes from the nvidia control panel. The vsync setting does nothing, the fps setting does nothing, its really weird. I did get the fps limit to work at a certain point but it was stuttery and had a lot of latency as well.

All in all i have no idea what to do anymore, but i believe it has something to do with the way the gpu works together with the igpu being hooked up to the display and the gpu being hooked up to the igpu.

For anyone interested the gpu is an nvidia 1650 and the cpu is an intel i5 9300h.