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Question I have an XFX 5700 DD ULTRA, and my graphics score has dropped 200-300 points after the last few driver updates. Has anyone else had this experience?


Feb 18, 2017
According to 3DMark, by GPU score is consistently 200-300 points lower after the last few driver updates.

If I revert back to 20.1.3, my graphics score increases again.

One thing I do know is that the early 2.1 versions of the DD ULTRA were able to reach 2000 MHz boost clock out of the box. They fixed it later on with the 2.2 versions.

I got the 2.1 version so my card has the ability to boost to 2000 MHz. Is it possible they fixed this with the driver updates?


Performance penalties from driver updates designed to fix thermal issues, bugs, stability or other problems are not uncommon. That applies equally to CPUs and graphics cards. It's also possible that it may be due to other factors that make the update less than fully compatible with the remainder of your hardware configuration. It might be advisable to try using the DDU to completely remove the existing driver framework and then do a clean install of the latest drivers.

It would also be a very good idea to make certain that your motherboard has the MOST recent BIOS version installed. Often, older BIOS versions result in poor performance with the latest drivers, whether they are graphics or other drivers, when those drivers are intended to work side by side with the changes inherent in newer BIOS versions.