I have australian hair straightners, can i cut the plug off and put normal one o

Hi, and welcome to the forum!

The voltage in Australia is 220V - by comparison, the voltage in the US is 110V.

Normally, 220V devices will not run on 110V - there are some exceptions where the transformer (for some laptops, men's shavers, etc) will work on any voltage input between 110 and 220. This info will be clearly stated on the device.

For your hair straightener, I don't see a problem in connecting the US plug to the end (or use an adapter). Adapters are available in Asian (Indian) stores for about $1 each). When used in the US on 110V, the heat output will be roughly cut in half. This may or may not be an issue. Go ahead and try it.

However, the reverse will not work. Never try and plug in a 110V (US) hair straightener or device into a European 220V outlet, unless the device is a universal voltage device, and clearly marked as such.