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Question I have been getting BSOD for about a year now, please help!

Mar 14, 2020
For around a year, I have been getting BSOD at seemingly random intervals with no explanation as to why. When using a program like Bluescreenview, every single time it says that the driver to blame is ntoskrnl.exe which I know can't be right. I have noticed that if I do a clean install of windows, the issues go away for about a month or two. I have also noticed that the bsod will come in waves, happening 10 times in a week and then disappearing for a week.

PC Specs:

CPU: AMD Fx 9590
GPU: GeForce GTX 1050
MoBo: ASRock 970A-G
RAM: HyperX ddr3 1866 MHz RAM
PSU: Corsair CX 750M

Other hardware:

Mouse: Logitech G503
Headset: Logitech G430
Keyboard: Corsair K55
Monitor: ASUS VG278Q

So far I have tried the following:
  • Doing a clean install of windows
  • Running memtest
  • Running "chkdsk /f"
  • Running driver verifier on 3rd party drivers (more on this in a bit)
  • Replacing my RAM
  • Setting "useplatformclock" to true
None of these solutions have worked. I keep getting bsod with all different stopcodes (one day its "SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION" another day it could be "HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED" or "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA")

Below I have the two dump files from the two bsod that have occurred since I reset windows 5 days ago:

https://filebin.net/6arqud451krps8p1 (My most recent bsod at 12am this morning)
https://filebin.net/qbbghyqpklne6dah (bsod at 10pm-ish last night)

A few things to note:

- Going back to the driver verifier, when running tests on my drivers, I found that some drivers (particularly from logitech) would cause a bsod loop with the stopcode "DRIVER_VERIFIER_DETECTED_VIOLATION". Could this possibly have something to do with the regular bsod I have been getting?

- I only ever get a bsod while playing some sort of video game (particularly hardware intensive games like Rust or Escape From Tarkov)

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I keep trying to find out what the issue is from online forums and have had no luck so far. I will be keeping my eyes on this thread and will be willing to add/give any extra information needed to find the issue. Thanks!


fx? check cpu temp?

didn't change the psu?


Win 10 Master
this line from last post (link rgd shows) makes me think that error was caused by GPU drivers
ExceptionAddress: fffff8004c4d7d75 (dxgmms2!_report_gsfailure+0x0000000000000005)
Vast majority of the time direct X crashes, its the Nvidia drivers. If you are using the latest Nvidia drivers, I have found they don't like 10 series cards. If you are using those, try running DDU and then run windows update and let it find drivers for the card on the Update catalog (they are just older Nvidia drivers, more stable) - https://forums.tomshardware.com/faq/how-to-perform-a-clean-install-of-your-video-card-drivers.2402269/

I will get a friend to convert other dumps in case they are something else.
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Hi, I ran the dump files through the debugger and got the following information: https://pastebin.com/kcQJGfAN
File information:070920-8812-01.dmp (Jul 9 2020 - 21:11:26)
Driver warnings:*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for logi_audio_surround.sys
Probably caused by:memory_corruption (Process: audiodg.exe)
Uptime:0 Day(s), 3 Hour(s), 18 Min(s), and 25 Sec(s)

File information:Newest071020.dmp (Jul 10 2020 - 00:18:30)
Probably caused by:memory_corruption (Process: System)
Uptime:0 Day(s), 3 Hour(s), 05 Min(s), and 58 Sec(s)
Comment: It looks like a Logitech Audio driver caused the first crash.

Comment: Driver Verifier is enabled.

Possible Motherboard page: https://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/970A-G3.1/
You have the latest BIOS already installed, version 1.20.

This information can be used by others to help you. Someone else will post with more information. Please wait for additional answers. Good luck.


Win 10 Master
Comment: Driver Verifier is enabled.
if you don't know how to turn it off, its simple. You search for it in search field, run it and choose Delete existing settings then click Finish.
Note, advice is for op, not gardenman who I assume knows that now :)

1st error caused by
Nov 06 2019 - logi_audio_surround.sys - Logitech Surround Sound Audio driver
is this for a headset?
Logitech Pro X Headset/soundcard?

it appears you use G Hub to run it, I just don't see it on PC -
External USB sound card (DAC) delivers crystal-clear digital signal processing for tournament-level audio and voice communications. Program it with Logitech G HUB Gaming Software and take your audio settings to the tournament
G Hub may have a newer version of the driver.

directX also handles audio, its why I didn't say all of the cases where Direct X crashes is GPU. Its possible the last one in March was Headset if you have had it a while.