Question I have broken my monitor, any advice on what should my next one be?

Aug 13, 2019
Hi. I bought and instantly broke MSI MAG241C, I somehow managed knock it over while connecting cables under desk so I didn't even see it fully working

Now, I've seen 4/5 of the screen, it was pretty dark but I know you can change it, but one thing that concerned me was the fact that edges were.. not sharp? It looked like icons which you always see in 1080p but converted into 480p

I don't know if you can turn that off in this monitor, so, that's why I'm here

I'm looking forward to buying new 144hz monitor which is about price of the one I broke($200), but I'm not sure if the one I had is as good as I thought, maybe you can turn this no sharp edges mode off?

I feel like what I wrote is all over the place, so I'm basically asking if it's only matter of settings in this particular monitor, or is it just what is is

And, can you recommend any monitors(144hz) in this price range if MAG241C is just a bad monitor? I don't know if I need curved one, but I've never had one so I thought it would be cool, I don't know what the true difference is so to me it just looks cool


Start with the User Guide/Manual:

Do verify that the above link is, indeed, for the broken monitor.

Check out as much as you can to determine the monitor's overall status.

Determine what works and what does not work.

If the monitor proves to be broken beyond any viable use then that is that.

(Note: did you purchase the monitor with a credit card? Some credit cards have "insurance" for such situations. Check your credit card benefits.)

As for another monitor: if you chose the MAG241C for some specific reasons then there is no reason to not make the same purchase.

Otherwise you will just need to do a "do over".

Research monitors within your budget. Read reviews, User Guides/Manuals, Manufacturer's Forums and FAQs.

And ensure that Mr. Murphy is not around when you set up the new monitor.