I have Dish internet and DSL, How do I use them together?


Sep 20, 2012
I am not a pro but I know enough,
One problem I am having is that I cant get Broadband to my office and DSL is slow. I got Dish internet but they cut me off at 12 gb.

I was wondering if I can have DSL and Dish internet working together to ease off the bandwidth usage on Dish?

Please help me.
There is no cheap solution that will keep track of usage and switch between. Even a dual home router you have to manually change the traffic.

If you only have a single machine the "easy?" way to do this is to run a bandwidth tracking program and then adjust the routes manually.

The key to doing all this is the ROUTE command in the PC. What you do is place both your router in the same network say and In your PC your would in the simplest case change the route to go to the device you wanted to use. If you are more adventurous you could send some IP to one and other to the other...of course you would have to spend the time to figure out what sites use what ips.