Question I have done EVERYTHING that I know to do to get my dual monitors working. Any help?

Jun 21, 2019
Hello! I am having some issues with my computer tonight.

Earlier today, I went to the store and bought another monitor for my computer. It's the exact same monitor as the other one (a Samsung CF391) because I absolutely love my first one. I get home and realize that my hard drive/graphics card has only one HDMI output, and the monitors are both HDMI computers. I then went back to the store and bought a VGA cable and an HDMI to VGA adaptor. I plugged everything in correctly, and even that didn't work. I then followed a tutorial which told me how to fix this issue within the BIOS menu, but I didn't have a chipset menu, which I obviously needed. My graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce 610 and my computer is listed online as a "CYBERTRONPC BORG-Q (GREEN) AMD FX-4130 QUAD-CORE 3.80 GHZ GAMING PC W/ NVIDIA GE."

Can I get some help on what to do?


Make and model of the HDMI to VGA adapter? Good chance you got one meant to convert a digital HDMI signal into an analog VGA signal. Those are much more common than a VGA to HDMI converter that converts an analog VGA signal into a Digital HDMI signal which is what you need.