Question I have figured out what is wrong with my MSI 970 motherboard and my MSI R9 390 graphics card

Johnny Baker

Mar 1, 2016
I have found the problem with my computer system. Turns out that my MSI 970 Gaming MOBO is the culprit and it also taken down my MSI R9 390 graphics card, WOW. My computer stopped functioning about 3 days ago and has been sitting in the repair shop, getting diagnosed. It appears that this MOBO has a history of thermal pad leakage, from the -ravm, on the board. My board is stained with greasy looking splotches all around the v-ram so since I appear to probably have nothing to lose, I took the heatsinks off and found the thick thermal pad, on the large heatsink is all greasy feeling and no longer good. As for the smaller heatsinks, I removed them also and found, with both of them, the very thin thermal pads are useless with half of them baked onto the heatsink and the other half left on the board. Other than the greasy spot(s) around the large heatsink, there doesn't appear to be any damage around the smaller heatsinks on the board. I am wondering if I can get the board cleaned up, get new pads, of the appropriate thickness's, put them on, if that will cure my MOBO problem(s)? Anyone have any idea what will clean those thin baked on pads off the heatsinks & board? I will also attach some pictures, if I can. Thanks for any response(s).