Question I have internet on my hard drive, but not my ssd for some odd reason


Sep 26, 2016
Hello, I have an SSD and a Hard Drive. I have this PCI-E internet adapter, and it's worked beautifully for a few years. Until recently, for some reason; I no longer have a internet connection on my SSD. It's just a globe icon, with a "Internet, no Internet Access" issue. I have tried everything to fix it, nothing works. Unplugging the adapter, unplugging the SSD, changing the address to or whatever that tip was (I forget) But it didn't work. Now, I have to boot up Windows on my old Hard Drive to access the internet, which is quite inconvenient because I like my SSD and it's good, boots up fast, but for some reason the internet does not work on it. Why does the internet work on my Hard Drive but not my Solid State Drive? It's worked quite well before, but now for some odd reason It no longer works. And yes, I have tried to install and reinstall the adapter's drivers and software, but I don't think that is the issue. It didn't work anyways. Please help, if you need any more information I'll be glad to provide. Thank you.