Question I have issues that only occur at startup and nowhere else.. what should i do

Jun 29, 2019
So i've been having this issue where for example i try to restart my pc, it boots normally except my screen doesnt recieve anything from my pc no matter what cable i use or how many times i replug the cable.. now this happens also with putting my pc on stand-by mode and even sometimes just starting my pc up after lets say a night.

So what i am planning (and hoping) to do on fixing this is to send it back to the company i bought it from (context: The company website allows u to select a preset and use it to customize it and switch out lets say a gtx 1060 for a gtx 1070) since i have warranty on my pc and they should easily be able to identify the problem but before that.. any ideas on how to prevent this from happening?
all i can think of is just keeping my pc on for the entire day and night.
(currently i am waiting for the company to respond to my request of using warranty to send it back and repairing it)