Question I have lower internet speed on multiple computers but high on 1


May 3, 2018
So heres the deal. I have just built a gaming computer but i get only around 80 mbps when we are paying for the 300 package. This particular computer has a phantom gaming 4 motherboard if that is important. All the other computers, the rest are laptops, are receiving similar speeds but only 1 of those laptops are old enough that it caps at 100. Now i have a second older desktop that sits right next to the modem and that computer gets over 200 every time. I should mention that my new computer that i built is directly connected through Ethernet but i receive the same speeds from both the Ethernet and the wifi on this computer. The modem is an arris modem for the record and i could not find any particular settings that limit the speed of a particular port or computer. any insight or explanation would be greatly appreciated


Since you're dealing with more than one computer, it's imperative that you list each laptop in use and each desktop in use that is tethered to your router/modem/switch. Also, make sure you're on the latest drivers/BIOS on all machines and that they are all connected off the Ethernet to limit any other factors. Wirelessly, you can run into limitations due to the wireless adapter's version.