I have network printer when i switch the printers ip change

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That's what automatic DHCP does and it also happens to the PCs in he network but it shouldn't cause a problem. When the printer is installed in each computer, it is identified by its name - not its IP - and is part of the network so it should stlil be available to all regardless of its IP.



Feb 2, 2012

It depends on how the ports are setup on the computer. If you entered an IP address into the port name instead of using DNS it could cause issues when it refreshes it's IP.

You might be able to manually set an ip address into the printer that is on the network, I would set it to something outside your DHCP range to prevent duplicate ip's, and that will take care of the issue.

What printer do you have, please include model, and what is the issue with it changing IP address (ie. not able to print, having to constantly search before printing,... )?


Jan 26, 2012
Alright, adding on to DHCP. For the norm, DHCP changes the IP according to the settings the admin made, be it everyday, or every few days. The exact same IP however will be renewed and be issued to the same device if it's frequently connected to the server.

Also, i will suggest you do a manual reservation for printing devices or devices that users connect to them often. This is to play safe and prevent users from having errors when they wants to connect to the device.

Every printer will have a system tools option. You should go to the printer itself, go to the system tools and add the specific IP address you reserved at the DHCP catering especially to the printer.

Do take note that the IP address is best not to be used before by any other printer. This is to minus the faults that may arise if you did so. *Lazy to list them out*

Also, if you dont want to set IP address on the printer, simply plug the printer to one of the PC, then share the printer to the network, and make other users connect to your PC and use the printer. So you can save the hassle for searching and assigning IP address to the printer.