I have no computer knowledge



You'd have to make sure the motherboard and other parts are compatible. If you have no computer knowledge I really would not recommend doing that.
You have no computer knowledge. The first bit you need to know is that motherboards have a range of CPUs they support. This can vary widely, due to a lot of factors. So your first order of business should be to check the documentation for your model of Cyberpower computer to see what range of CPUs are supported. An i9 might not even be on the list.
You do it with an X299 motherboard. If you already have that kind of motherboard you can do it. Just simply swap the CPU you have with the new one. You'll need to apply thermal compound as well on the new cpu. If you have an i7 7820x for example you can do the upgrade just like I said. If not then you'll need an X299 motherboard.