Question I have packet loss in every game and my room mates don't, what can I do to solve this?

Mar 8, 2021
I ran ping plotter and command lines such as "ping -t" and "tracert" and both in ping plotter and the tracert command, hop number 2 fails to answer!

I am using a wired connection (tried wireless and the same happened)!

my laptop is a Lenovo Legion Y540 - 15IRH

I also reset my router to default settings!

Formating my PC could solve this?
You have to be careful about using tools you do not fully understand how they work.

All it means that hop 2 is configured to not respond to ping and trace. Many ISP do that to prevent denial of service attacks against the router. Think of it this way all your traffic must pass through hop 2 to get to hop 3 or any other place on the internet. If it was actually dropping all the traffic you would never get to hop 3 and your internet would be completely down.

Actual issues would be you see say 5% packet loss in hop x and it continues all the way to the end including the end server. If the end server shows no loss any loss in the path is purely false data due to testing.

It is hard to say what this can be. Since you and your room mates data shares the router and all the equipment in the path past it it is not very likely these are the issue. You need to do very careful testing to see what if any difference you see between your machine and the other ones. Random data loss maybe be hard to see.

If you do not see packet loss to your router IP it means the packet loss to games has to be inside your machine somehow. Be very sure you do not have any form of "gamer" network accelerator software loaded.

You could try to boot a linux USB image before you reload windows. It will show you if it is software......BUT you have to find a way to see the errors because most games will not run under linux.

Check all the drivers. Do not use the ones windows loads. Get them from either the chipset vendor or from the laptop vendor. I really hate lenovo stuff, the quality is pure garbage compared to years ago when IBM made these.