Question I have problem with the game called Call of duty Mordern warfare Warzone.


Oct 2, 2018
I have a question I have a problem with The game called modern warfare warzone I get 100% Cpu And it stutters freeze and even crashes It's very annoying to play.
I've just realized games are played a few months ago have been dipping down a lot for example 144 to 90 frames.
Why it's 144 I usually cap games.
I had the same issue with the game called Fortnite I still played it through with the lowest settings and sometimes even bumping the resolution down the playability.

At first, I thought it my cooler I changed but nothing much change or actually Battlefield 1 was playable but Fortnite was still the same issue.
I can't even overclock the CPU with this motherboard.
I don't know the real issue if my CPU or my ram or my GPU or even motherboard. I don't really know.
It would nice if someone really tells me what I should or update or do something to improve my performance back.
And yes I have cleaned my pc not water or anything just some air blower or whatever is called.
I think I have a problem with frame time as well but cannot confirm it for the moment

For what my spec looks like
●CPU : Intel I5 6600K not OC
●GPU :(The brand) Manli GTX 1070 Ultimate
●RAM : Crucial 8GB Single DDR4 1066MHz 16,0GB Dual-Channel (2x8gb)
●HDD : 1863GB OOS2000G (SATA) 2TB
●Monitor: DELL (144Hz, 2440 x 1440)
●Power Supply: SL 700 plus power supply
●CPU Cooler: Cooler master hyper 212 Evo
●OS: Windows 10

I hade this PC for almost over 3 years

I was wondering if is something wrong with my build.


This isn't a simple problem, but potentially a compounded one.
-Warzone is a different beast from most other games today, in that it can use UP TO 12 cpu threads. Most modern titles are using 6-8 threads.
The 6600K just has 4. This game isn't going to run smoothly with this cpu, period.

-I don't see any mention of cpu/gpu thermals.
6600K doesn't start dropping clocks until 100C, but it's generally recommended to stay below 85C for normal tasks.
Power limits aside, most 1070s don't start dropping clocks until 83C. 80C or lower is preferred.

-GTX 1070 paired with a power supply best suited in a home/office PC. That was not meant to be used with a gaming graphics card.
Internal component quality > wattage.

-From the way you typed it out, it looks like you mixed ram too: "RAM : Crucial 8GB Single DDR4 1066MHz 16,0GB Dual-Channel (2x8gb)"
Memory is only guaranteed stable as sold. When you mix/add, you are the one doing the stability testing; the mixture can cause problems at any time.

-Whether or not you're keeping up with motherboard, OS, and other device, driver/firmware updates. It is your responsibility.
Stability issues can arise from running on long dated drivers.

-Condition of the storage is another possibility.
You can check drive health with Crystal Disk Info:
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It's your CPU. You need more than 4 cores...I have people in my gaming group that had exactly the same issue with the new CoD MW. I'd suggest moving to at least a 4 core 8 thread cpu...the fastest your motherboard will support. If you have the cash an upgrade to a Ryzen 3600 system will make a huge difference.

Your 1070 should do ok with the game (after you care for the CPU issue) but you may want to run everything on Low or OFF where possible especially shadows...really the only thing on normal should be textures. You lose a little in graphics quality but the game will run much smoother...and the change in graphics quality is barley noticeable in multiplayer anyway so no big deal.

As Phaaze88 said above mixing ram sticks can cause issues as's best to have a matched kit in your system.

Swapping out your HDD for an SSD if it's not one will also help pick up some performance...mostly better map load times but also in game texture loads will improve.
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Oct 2, 2018
Can I swap my current motherboard with b550f and with 3700x using with old PSU will it hurt my motherboard or will be fine until I get my new psu? (Psu working fine but I heard some people you should not use an old psu on new motherboard)