[SOLVED] I have several questions im terms of cooling, fans and connection


Jun 29, 2020
Recently i have bought a new case, here is my spec:
Main: MSI x570 Tomahawk wifi
Ram: Gskill 3200 16Gb
CPU: 3600x
CPU cooler: cooler master MA410M
Case: Lian li II Mesh RGB (not perfomance version)
GPU: powercolor red devil 5700xt

Now i have only 3 pushing front fans (Bora fans from Lian Li), and my iddle temp for CPU is from 40 to 71 (using HWmonitor) and 70 to 83 when i play games. What i want is to lower that temp, at least that my CPU will not jump to 70 in iddle, so im planning on putting 3 more fans in the case. Here comes the problem

My Mainboard only have 4 fan connections (4pin), 1 CPU fan and i have already used most them, I have only 1 left. So if i use a splitter to put 2 Corsair ML120 Magnetic Fans on 1 connections, can they run at full power ? Or do i need to buy a seperate fan hub ???

The other doubt that i need some advices is about the fan curve. It's my first time trying to set up the fan curve and I'm kinda lost, cause i have tried various ways but the iddle temp of my CPU did not go down. Im also thinking that may be because i dont have a pulling rear fan, or it's totally because of my fan curve setting ??

My idea now is to put at least 2 more fans in the case: 1 rear fan and 1 top fan. The Corsair ML120 Magnetic fan was my choice.

I posted this thread with an expectation that some of you guys can help me to resolve my doubts and give me zome recommendations or advices to improve my cooling system, thank you very much.


Typical terminology would be intake and exhaust.

I assume the ones at the front came stock as intake fans. If you have no exhaust fans, that probably isn't helping.

Just try moving one of the case fans to the rear as an exhaust before investing in more fans.

Yes, you can use a splitter to run two fans off of a single port, that should be fine. A fan hub isn't a terrible idea with that many fans, might make the wiring runs easier.

As for fan curves, basically more RPM is cooler, but louder. Goal is to find a balance that is suitable to you. Not really any specific science to it, just as the curve rises to the right, it increase fan power, and if you are using CPU temperature as the other axis, you just want it to be more aggressive as temperatures increase.