Question I have sound issue in the speakers. Sometimes there is a noises and the volume go down/up.

Dec 27, 2021
I have windows 10 pro 21H1.

I tried to make new clean install of my windows but the problem is back.
Maybe it's hardware problem I don't know how to check or what forum is for this kind of problem/s.

Some time ago few weeks ago I started to hear noises in the sound while surfing sites like youtube or when playing games.
The sound have noises and also the volume sometimes went down or up.

In some cases even if I turned the volume down to 0 on my speaker I turned the volume button to 0 and still heard sound and voices when playing for example youtube videos.

I also did a test for the speakers : Right mouse click on the Speakers icon on the bottom right on the windows then Open Sound settings hen Manage Sound devices and clicked on Speakers > Test and it make sound stereo from left to right and it's working but also make this sounds sometimes and I tested it many times :

But still when playing youtube videos or playing games many times I have this sound issue/s.

Here is a short video clip I recorded showing the problem :



May 11, 2008
Sounds like an intermittent connection somewhere - in the audio cable, at the input jack, volume control or in the internal circuitry.
When asking a question, it's good practice to give details about the hardware or software involved. In your case. the speaker model, whether it has analog or digital controls, wired or bluetooth, and so on.


Dec 13, 2009
Probably a connection problem could be the cable, jack or a solder joint. Try jiggling the cable and connector at various points.

What speakers do you have? Is the volume control an dial or buttons? Can you try some headphones as a test?