Question I have to restart my pc to get rid of input lag.

Jan 8, 2020
There has been a problem recently where after playing on my computer for a long time, or even when I leave it on overnight my games feel really slow.
Normally this only happened when i had my games on a extra drive, but now its happening all the time to every game. The game it's most obvious in is csgo, yesterday I was in a game and it was feeling smooth and precise but then the next thing I know, it feels like I have vsync on. I have to restart my computer to fix it, but even then sometimes it stills feels slow, is there a fix to this? I have use Panjnos power settings, and the recommended nVidia control panel settings and it still feels slow. I have -high in the command parameters for csgo as well. Nothing open in the background except discord, I have windows game bar disabled and the DVR, I have a stable fps rate of around 190-220. I have it on my main SSD and I always try to have 50gb of space left on it so it doesn't get full, I have the most recent drivers for all of my components. I have done everything I could find on the internet and I can't get rid of this input lag.
The only thing I can think of is the monitor, its just a $80 ONN 1920x1080 75hz monitor from walmart I temporarily have, it's the only monitor I have right now so I can't even test to see if this is the issue, but if it is why does it fix when I restart my computer but not just my monitor? . Im going to get a new monitor and ram in about a month so I hope that it will fix but if there is something else I can do please tell me.

-GPU: GTX 1050ti
-CPU: i5 3470
-SSD: 256gb (OS) + (csgo directory)
-SSD: 650gb
-Ram: 8gb ddr3