[SOLVED] I have to right click before I can left click

ImA Very big noob

Sep 5, 2016
My laptop is acting REALLY weird. For some reason, randomly and frequently the UI has been messing up. A lot of the time I have to right click stuff before I can left click to access them. For example, tabs on a browser, I'd have to right click them before I can left click them to go on them. Furthermore in games and stuff it randomly acts as if I'm holding down right click. Plus overall the computer is being strange, running things slower and being crap in general. I ran a virus scan of the system, nothing, I did a CHKDSK, nothing. I tried doing a DISM check in CMD, it froze at 82 percent and said there was an error. All the icons on my desktop now just look like white pages. For some reason my GPU is handling less as well, I don't know why but everything running terribly and when I look in task manager 'GPU 1' is at 100 percent on the games when it never used to be, any help would be great.