Question I have trouble deciding which monitor to buy


Dec 21, 2018
So, I wanted to start playing R6S competitively, and ofc I want to get a 144Hz monitor, first I was thinking about a 1080p 24" and found two monitors: Acer XF252Q and XF250Q, and the first one is more expensive, and supposedly has HDR, (which is impossible because it's a TN panel) and I am not sure if I should get the cheaper one or if the more expensive one is better for some reason? Besides that all of their parameters are the same, (both are 240Hz, the cheaper one for some reason is just half an inch bigger). On reddit a dude told me to get a 27" 1440p but I am not sure if I can run other games (R6S will apparently run fine) in 144Hz on 1440p (I have an RTX2060). Also pro league r6s players use 24" 1080p, but also people say 1440p is much better than 1080p and I thought I could maybe run other games in 60Hz but then again what's the point of getting a 144Hz for a pc that can't get 144Hz in games other than R6S? So my questions are, should I search for a cheap 27" 1440p with 144Hz or should I just get a 24" one with 240Hz, and if so, then which one is better from the ones I listed? Thanks in advance.