Question I honestly dont know what to call what just happened and im freaking out.

Jan 7, 2020
I have a FX6300 and I recently upgraded from a R9 270x to a GTX1070 and before I upgraded my CPU I thought I might try some overclocking. I opened AMD Overdrive which came with my system and noticed TurboBoost was on but with the same multiplier as the default CPU mult; 17x, I tried setting it to 18.5x and got a hard crash, the computer restarted normally and I turned off TurboBoost after I Google searched for an OC guide, I also played BF1 for about 30 min, then turned off my PC and followed this guide:

I followed it up to the part where you start making small mult increments; I choose 18.5x again and restarted my computer, I immediately noticed something was wrong; my Win 8 theme was off, it was the old one I had. I noticed my desktop files where different so I opened Google and looked at my search history and the last entry was from March 2019.... At this point I got really scared; I make backups every month so even if the computer had restored to a previous backup wouldnt it be to the one from last month? Furthermore I never got any message that the computer was restoring itself and around an hour of normal usage passed between my only crash and the weird "restore". So ummh What happened?? I turned my PC off and came here to write this message and Im at a loss of words, I hope I havent lost all my files since March 2019... I have an extra HDD with a backup of my important stuff but that one is six months old, so what do I do?
I should add my Win 8 is installed in an SSD I bought last year (I migrated my installation into it without any issues), it seems everything on it is exactly as it was in March 2019 while my other HDDs are fine. Is there anyway I can get my files back?


Nov 17, 2019
How did you ''migrate" to your new ssd?

Can you, without too much disassembly, start your pc with just your (new system) ssd connected?

I'm wondering if the old copy of windows is still on one of the HDDs and your booting into that.
Sounds like the 'migration' didn't actually go as well as you think and you need to do some tidy up with the disks.

To get someone to help you with this, the usual system specs would help (CPU, mobo, GPU, drives, case, psu, etc including list of all connected HDDs and ssds).

Good luck.
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