Question i installed windows 7 in VM and i need help

Jul 22, 2019
enable it in the vm

use vmplayer from vmware, all other vms suck except for vmware in terms of usefulness and performance. vmplayer is free for personal use. enable hardware acceleration and test it
VMware Workstation and Device/Credential Guard are not compatible
how is it that i run vmware workstation and vmplayer on windows 10? on MANY different systems all over my place of work, and at home on my notebook

WooHoo fix for VMware Device Security/Credential Guard issues

Well Boys and Girls after reading through the release notes for build 17093 in the wee small hours of the night, I have found the change point that affects my VMware Workstation VM's causing them not to work, it is the Core Isolation settings under Device Security under windows security (new name for windows defender page) in settings. By default it is turned on, however when I turned it off and restarted my pc all my VMware VM's resumed working correctly. Perhaps a by device option could be incorporated in the next build to allow us to test individual devices / Apps responses to allow the core isolation to be on or off per device or App as required .
From the Start Menu: Windows Defender Security Centre > Device Security > Core Isolation.

turn OFF core isolation. problems solved! game away