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Question I just bought a second m.2 drive, but it's not getting recognized by windows.


Oct 7, 2019
I just bought another m.2 drive for my B450 gaming f motherboard, from what I have read it is plugged in the slot that does not connect directly to the cpu. I looked through the bios and from what I can see it seems like the disc is being recognized since there is a drive name there that does not match with my old drives. Problem is that the disk is not recognized by windows, also I can't see the disk in disk management. The m.2 is a wd black sn750 1tb. Thanks in advance pc wizards

Solved: I had a friend over who used linux to format the drive. Seems like Windows 10 was just being silly.
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Im not entirely sure how to see errors, but in the "events" (not sure if it's called that, windows is not on english) tab the most recent one says "device not transferred"
Can you show screenshot from Device Manager (disk drives section and storage controllers sections expanded) ?
Also screenshot from Disk Management.
(upload to imgur.com and post link)