Question I just got a new graphics card and have had some problems. What are the first things I should do when installing a new card?

May 6, 2020
I recently bought a RX 5600xt Red Devil from powercolor and have been experiencing problems with artifacting and black screens. Some days I will be able to do whatever I want and my graphics card will be fine but others it will crash even loading kombustor. My drivers are updated to 20.8.1 which is the optional version of the amd drivers. Artifacting can be seen as low as 40 degrees and will sometimes show for a few seconds or be a non-stop problem.

Another issue I have had is with my junction temperature on my card. I was previously using the recommended drivers for my card which was one generation older and was seeing a junction temperature reading of over 800 degrees Celsius. Once I updated my drivers the issue went away.

A small hindrance I see is the lack of recognition by user benchmark. The test runs fine and even mentions my card while running but upon completion and the website opening, I see Graphics Card Missing and all of the categories of computer build are considered incomplete. Even during the testing I have seen a noticeable increase in FPS from my former graphics card (almost doubling it). I have ran userbenchmark with both versions of the drivers I have had installed and had the same problem.

The last issue I can think of right now is my card's lack of response to the dual bios's. Right now my card is at 58 C while idling. It is idling at this temperature because it is using the silent mode included on the card, however I have the switch placed on the OC mode. I believe this may be one of the most affecting problems I have at the moment. The way the silent BIOS is set up on my card is to not activate the fans until my gpu hits 60 C, however my gpu is not currently on the silent mode. My card also generally ignores my input through AMD Wattman for the fan speeds and often either runs at 31 pct or 0. When my card does hit 60 C it ramps the fan speed between 70-100 pct until the card cools down to about 50 C.

System Specs:
Processor: 3400g
GPU: 5600xt
MOBO: A320 M-K
PSU: generic 600 w prebuilt company PSU
RAM: 16 gb 3000 mhz
Storage: 2tb HDD and 1tb SSD