Question I just spilled Ramen on my Macbook Air keyboard...


Aug 28, 2017
Earlier today I spilled some instant ramen on my Macbook air keyboard. I quickly wiped up the mess and then moved on with my day. The keyboard was still working fine. I came back later tonight to discover that the keyboard now does nothing when I type on it. The only key that works is the power key, so I have to use an external keyboard. I have seen many solutions for what to do immediately after spilling on your keyboard, but unfortunately I did not see those solutions then, i see them now. Is there anything I can do to save the keyboard or is it going to be time to get a new laptop?
There isn't anything to do to quickly and cheaply fix it, no. How old a model is this? A whole new laptop (particularly a Mac, as they start at close to $1k) is a big step to take so if it's recent enough getting the keyboard replaced may be worth considering. Apple likely won't be inclined to help as opposed to selling you a new mac but as a tech I've done these repairs. It can be a PITA but a repair shop can do it.