Question I just want to find an easy way to have a psu shroud in my Aerocool Aero 500 case

Aug 25, 2019

Soo..I have the exact same case in black[ (Aerocool Aero 500) and it serves me well [ View:
].. my hugest neatpick with this case is that it can be rough with cable management and that it has no PSU shroud (still a paid 15€ in 2017 so it was a steal) . Searching on google for a solution that didn't require DIY skills ,a dude making me a shroud for the same price as my ssd or literally paper I found this pic from a Spanish blog(sadly ik no spanish) .I think the guy bought this cover from Corsair's site(|-Parts/PC-Components/Cases/Crystal-570X-PSU-Shroud-Cover/p/CC-8900136) .Sooo in a case that hardly can fit a EVO 212 does this shroud fit and if yes(here comes the dumb question) will my seasonic 520w semi modular psu fit?

Corsair 570X Dimensions: 480 x 234 x 512mm (HxWxD)
Aerocool Aero 500 Dimensions: 203 x 505 x 439.5mm (W x H x D, overall)
I have the same case in all black. As to a PSU shroud not made for that case, I couldn't do more than speculate. If the overall dimensions of the piece are alright there could still be attachment points particular to the case it was meant for that get in the way of it fitting properly here.

The PSU itself should be fine. It doesn't appear to be an unusually large unit, and I have a Seasonic PRIME Ultra in mine. Even a Noctua NH-D15 - an absolute beast of a cooler - fits (just barely).
Buy a piece of sheet metal from your local hardware store for a couple bucks and bend it around a stack of 2x6 boards, then spray paint it.

As Shiz said, you can look to see if you can buy just a PSU shroud, but it's gotta attach to your case somehow.
Sometimes it's best to DIY to get exactly what you want/ need.
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