Question I keep blowing my power button board

Apr 12, 2020
I have a toshiba satellite L305. Yes, it is old but works well. I have recently had problems with my power button just dying when my laptop gets accidentally unplugged while powered on (no battery installed). I have already changed out the board once, and a week later, the issue happened again. I have power, but the laptop will do nothing on power button press. Before I replace the board, I had to take the whole thing apart, unplug the power button cable, plug back in, and it would power on just fine, button was still unresponsive. As a precaution, I have ordered a better AC adapter, another power button board, and hot glued my power jack into place (known issue with these). I am assuming I got a bargain AC adapter and that it is not helping to protect surges with accidental power loss. Is there any other part I should be checking to see if it is weak or dead?