I keep getting Blue Screens of Death on random shotdowns/restarts for WIndows 10

system went into low power mode (sleep) then when it went to wake up some device would not wake.
the system waited 300 second and called a bugcheck on the assumption the device had failed.

this can be a bug in bios or in one of the drivers. I was not able to read the bios info in the debugger, this can indicate that the bios is out of date. I would try and update the bios as a first fix attempt.

if you don't update be sure you go into bios and reset it to defaults and reconfigure it.

you can often work around this problem by setting your system to run in high performance mode so it does not sleep. if you know what hardware does not wake, then you can just prevent that device from going to sleep. Best to update the bios and try to get everything working correctly.

if you change the memory dump type to kernel, the memory dump will include the info to see what the name of the device that did not respond was. minidumps do not save the info. Try the bios update first

you also have two very old usb drivers installed.
Silicone Labs USBXpress Development Kit
SiLib.sys Thu Jul 15 15:08:26 2010
SiUSBXp.sys Thu Jul 15 15:27:13 2010

I would remove them if you do not need them. I think the cause various issues.
you can use autoruns to remove them if you do not know what installed them.


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