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Question I keep getting killed in ark

Jul 7, 2020
Hello today i got killed by carnotaurus and he keeps killing me . I cant get my <stuff> back. He guards my <stuff> and waits for me to come closer. Usually he disapears and when i look around me he is nowhere to be found. But as i reach to pick up my <stuff> he comes outta nowhere and RKO's my ass. My question is will he ever leave my <stuff> alone?

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Then you have to get a cannon.
the gear and the dino should be saved, and you can come back later.

Worst case scenario it unloads the objects in the game at which point nothing has changed because you couldn't get kill the dino.

If you are hosting your own game and playing locally then you could enable the command console and cheat your way by killing the dino with command or giving yourself weapons to kill it, but if playing on online servers then you're out of luck in that regard.