Question I killed brand new SSD?

Aug 23, 2019
Good evening!

I've bought a KingDian chinese SSD. I pluged it in the laptop's (ASUS X550J) HDD place, and put the HDD to the DVD connector via caddy. The SSD was recognized in BIOS, and Disc Management like unallocated. Then I install MiniTool Partition wizard and try to migrate OS from HDD to SSD. It was giving me a error and I decide to install fresh new Windows on the SSD. Installation program was showing 0 MB space on the SSD. After restart, the SSD was show in BIOS, but Disc Management, MiniTool partition wizard, AOMEI Partition and EaseUS not recognized it like it is not in the laptop. After a few restarts, the SSD is sometimes showing in BIOS, but sometimes BIOS not detect even HDD and won't boot. After all, I saw in internet for similar problem, and solution was to check memory for error. I do it. Windows Memory diagnostic (Extended check) did not find any errors. After that the history is the same. Sometimes SSD and HDD are recognized by BIOS and windows boot, but SSD not detect from any other software, sometimes SSD and HDD are not detected and need restart, to boot windows from HDD. I wonder if there is any other thing, that I can try before discard SSD in the trash?

P.S. Prehistory is that so I upgraded RAM with 4GB before all that. But there all seem good, and i don't think so there is something common with SSD problem.
P.S. II I want to apologize for my bad English!