I know you want to help


Feb 23, 2009
hate to do this but cant make up my mind
i'm buying this motor
its a 23 in with a 1920 x 1080 Recommended Resolution id like to play games at that

mobo GA-P35-DS3P CrossFireX able
core 2 duo e6750 over clocked to 3.64
4 gigs of ddr2
600 watt OCZ600SXS not crossfire citified but should be able to handle it

its been 2 weeks now and i still cant decide what i want to buy for a new video card. right now i have a 3850
i want to spend some where around 230 ish maybe 2 4870 in crossfire. what do you guys think? should i just suck it up and spend more money or is that OK?


ps how sweet is that motor right
Have you looked into the new cards, like a 5850 or 70 at all? Definitely look at them, though 2 4870's at that price is really hard to beat. I think this is one of those decisions that is hard just because all options are pretty good.