Question I lag even tho I get 250 down and 50 up

Mar 26, 2020
I have mediacom and I lag so bad from 9am til 12 am midnight, it is unplayable on rocket league and csgo and modern warfare yet I can download them all fast asl. I have reset the entire computer fresh install windows, and I have update all drivers. My isp says it’s me 100 percent, at this point I need this fixed because I play for a living, anyone out there please


so on ping plotter what exactly am i supposed to do, i had 0% packet loss for most but one google server it was 2.1
Basically you are supposed to input an address that is located a moderate distance away from you and test the packet loss as it jumps servers on its way to the destination. If you notice that on a few different routes to addresses that it uses the same server with issues to jump to different endpoints that server is your issue. Now this is where my knowledge on the subject ends. I know that you can bypass problem servers but not how. I do not have a networking background. I hope others here can point you in the right direction.
You can try skipping your own router to determine if your own ISP has spikes in ping times...

If your own ISP spikes to 500 ms to Google, certainly they could have equal or greater lags off to other less capable servers...

Lots of times, gaming servers will hang/hitch because of even one player having connection difficulties....; fortunately, most servers will auto-kick players with pings over 100 ms after at most 2-3 seconds...; but, during those times of synchronizing the game with bad-connection players, the game experience sucks for everyone...

On top of everything else, many servers are facing larger bandwidth demands as many people are confined to home....
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