I lost 2000 Points. I want them back!!!!


Feb 20, 2009

I've been a complete moron. When I did all the original benchmarking I was using Windows 7 64 bit. When I ran the benchamrk this morning I was in XP 32 bit.
Just re-ran it in Win7 and all is well.

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Bit of an odd one....

I was a bit bored this morning so I decided to run 3DMark06, but as i was watching the scenarios it was pretty obvious that the fps were a lot lower than they were a week or 2 ago. When the end results came in the overall score was down 2000 points on what it was (16000 vs it's normal 18000+). Almost all of this was lost on the Shader Model 3 score (7400 vs previous 9500+).

I have only made two 'tweaks' to the computer in the last couple of weeks and that was to the DDR Reference Voltage, adding 30mV which gave far better Prime95 stability. By far better I mean that it was failing after 2 hours or so and it's now good for at least 24 hours.
The other change was lapping the processor and HSF.
SM2.0 score seems unaffected and the CPU is scoring a little better than it was.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing the loss of Shader Model 3 performance? It's quite a big percentage loss in performance and would like to get it back!!!!

System Specs:
2 off 1Gb HD4870 Crossfired
Asus Rampage Formula
4Gb DDR2 800
Q6600 OC to 3.4GHz


o0 zeno 0o

Feb 21, 2009
My guess is that you probably ran it in Win 7 x64 the first time, and then you ran it in Win XP x32 the second time. :0D
...so... If I may read into this in a completely frivolous and unnecesasry manner...

Do you guys think there would be some basis in reality to point out that Win 7 seems to outperform XP in this particular benchmark?

Cos... you know... Might put a few pairs of panties in a few knots. Not to mention provide some amusement if that were true.


Feb 20, 2009
I've re-run the benchmark several times now to see if the difference was a one off.

The results are pretty consistent. Win7 64 bit hammers XP 32 bit on SM3.0 scores.
XP32 beats Win7 64 bit on CPU scores.

SM2.0 scores are pretty well the same...../
Nice - Thanks for the info :)

We know that 7 is more aggressive about using system resources and has more background processes as default behaviour, so that would explain (at least partially) the difference in CPU scores.

As for SM2 versus 3 - Probably a difference in tuning and implementation, then.

BTW - Which build of 7 are you running? 7000? 7048? 7057? Would be good to know that, as well. :)