I made a big mistake


Aug 24, 2011
so i wanted to upgrade my mobo ram and cpu. i installed all the parts correctly but windoes vista 64 blue screened durring boot up. i went into recovery mode and tried what i could but it apeared my only option was to reformat. i backed up my files automaticly and then went into the reformat. there was an error halfway through and now it goes straight to the windows load screen and then crashes. i cant access any of the bios options. i have an ubuntu boot disk but i cant get the command boot from disk. the hard drive was not updated it is the stock one ive had for years. any thoughts?
Yeah, your doing it all wrong! jk. When upgrading a new video card or ram, its just a swap and go kinda thing but motherboards are different. Your hard drive has the drivers for the old motherboard and that is why it won't boot the new motherboard. Some of these are very low level type drivers that can cause all sorts of problems when trying to install a new motherboard on top of them.
It is highly recommended to do a fresh install of windows when replacing a motherboard. Now I am uncertain why you can't get into the BIOS, that is a whole other animal. My guess is it could have to do with the new ram and motherboard settings.
So first I would remove all the parts and add one at a time to see if you can determine a culprit. Only use one stick of ram to see if it will boot. Here's a link for troubleshooting:


Once you've got the BIOS up, and you've achieved some stability then proceed with a fresh windows install. ALWAYS back up your files before doing anything to your PC. This will save a lot of heartache. Next time you want to swap a motherboard, back up everything first and use the Easy transgfer wizard to avoid a bunch of hassles. And yeah, you have to reinstall all the programs; that's just how it goes.
I have gotten away with it once, but in any event a motherboard change requires a fresh installation. You hardware is locked into the HAL in the OS registry, they computer will try an boot, but fail and restart, this will repeat to no avail.

x Heavy

Aug 16, 2011

Bios would be the very basic part of waking up a computer. There were times I had to manually jump the two pins to boot a bricked motherboard into Bios. But in a new build? Never. I use factory virgin disks for that first install.

Now. Suppose I get windows up and where do you think that wizard is for easy transfer?