Question I may have damaged my nvidia 1080ti strange whining noise but might not be coil whine


Jun 8, 2017
Hey everyone,
I think i did something really bad and it damaged my gpu.
I struggled to remove it from the slot and it took awhile before I could actually push the lever on the pci slot. Now I got quite rough with it to the point my whole motherboard was bending(slightly). I then cleaned it with an electric air duster . This one CompuCleaner - Electric Air Duster : Stationery & Office Supplies

I finally placed it back into the slot and put everything together, turned it on and the graphics card still works but after about 5-10 minutes I noticed a strange high pitched sound that increases in volume then lowers and repeats. This is on windows 10 desktop. I'm not running anything else. It's definitely the GPU. But I don't know why this is happening and am asking here as it doesnt seem like coil whine.
Does anyone have any suggestions. I really don't want to have to open it up.
The card in question is an aorus Nvidia 1080ti, almost 5 years old now.

Usage history: Game dev in Unreal Engine 4, video playing, light 3d modelling, played a few games like Hitman and Gears of war 4. haven't really used it for much more than watching movies and game dev

everything was bought late 2017
GPU: Gigabyte Aorus Nvidia 1080ti
CPU: Intel i7 7700k
CPU cooler: noctua NH-D15
SSD: Samsung 960 Evo
RAM: GSkill 32gb
PSU: EVGA Gold 750W condition: haven't touched it since first building EVGA 750 Gq, 80+ Gold 750W, Semi Modular, Evga Eco Mode, Power Supply 210-Gq-0750-V3 : Computers & Accessories
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