Question I messed up my case switchboard

Aug 30, 2019
Hello people! Well I messed up my "Built-in 5V RGB Switch Board". Long story short, I messed up one of the "FAN1" plug in spot. I was messing with it and some how pulled it out to much when I accidentally got my back inner fan wires stuck under the motherboard and that ended up messing up that one plug in spot for the fan.

Now my front two fans work perfect but I had to take the fan connected to the FAN1 slot and buy a new one and connected to my Thermaltake Fan controller. That leaves the FAN1 slot empty. Then I figured out that if there is nothing connected in the FAN1 slot , It doesn't give LED power to the two big fans in the front. The fans still spin but the LED won't work, but if I grab the old fan and plug it into that FAN1 slot again It will give the two fans at front led power even after I unplugged the fan that I plugged in. I try to find the switch board to replace it but I can't seem to find it at all. I don't know if they don't sell it separate from the cases or I just ain't looking hard enough.

I have also try to see if the two big fans in the front could connect to the other fan controller from thermaltake but it completely different connections. I don't know what to do.

Any Ideas on how to fix the led????

My case from
Thermaltake View 37 Motherboard Sync ARGB E-ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case with 3 ARGB 5V Motherboard Sync RGB Fans Pre-Installed CA-1J7-00M1WN-04

Link to newegg, The case:

You can find the switch board in the images below the case. It shows what it looks like.
Feb 26, 2019
Good lord, RGB PSUs now? Rolleyes.gif I dunno that looks like it's not a separate piece of metal. Are the connectors and button(s) attached to a major structural 'wall' of the case or is it a smaller piece that somehow overlays and can be detached, even if it was not fashioned to do so? If the latter, and can detach, I'd contact support and ask about a replacement.

This is damned confusing. How can you connect the old fan to the Fan1 slot again if it was buggered? Did you fix it? I get lost at the end of the 3rd from last sentence of the middle paragraph: "even after I unplugged the fan that I plugged in. " Presume you mean the new fan.

Regardless of where the front fans connect, you can get LED to them by connecting the old fan to the Fan1 "slot". So if that works your problem is that you have a fan to nowhere that has to go somewhere in order to button up the case. All fans get power & LED.

Honestly not sure what you could use to populate the 'slot' but it seems to me someone here w/more knowledge of electrics, or Thermaltake support could tell you. I don't see how using a wire would hurt as long as it's thick enough gage but what that connector is could complicate things. If it's a connector like I think, you might use a similar fan connector, cut the sires and twist the wires, tape. Maybe give it some solder. But I'd run that by someone else.

Hope that helps anyway.
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Aug 30, 2019
The switchboard is the problem. I messed up one of the slots on the switchboard to un-confuse things. The "FAN1" slot (The name of that slot that is labeled on the board) of the switchboard will only let any fan I use either turn the fan on or show the led. It really depends on the fan, I have no idea why it does either but the slot it messed up.( It will switch between just running the fan or just LED but not both for some reason. I try taking it apart and fixing it and trying to fix the switchboard but it won't work. The switchboard is a separate piece that I can unscrew from the case.

I've had try to look for another switchboard or something that could support the two front fans but I haven't had any luck. They have such weird connectors.

Imma try and contact the support team for this case and see If I can buy a switchboard separate or something from them. I don't see this type of switchboard with these specific connectors. That the problem Im having. The connectors of the Fans are different then any other connector I have seen so I can't just find a different switchboard.

The two front fans still work, but the switchboard wont give it LED power. I will plug in the old fan and unplug it and it will give the other two fans led power until I turn the PC off.
I think that the FAN1 slot has some type of connections to where you have to go through that port first to give RBG power to the other ports I don't know why.

Sorry for being confusing, Im trying my best to explain this confusing situation with the case. Even I get lost in my own madness. Please send help ! XD