I messed up my PC (I think), and it won't boot.


Oct 20, 2016
I use Windows 10, my pc got the bad system config info, and now i think its worse.
Major Specs
• AMD Processor - AMD Athlon x4 860K 3.7GHz (Quad Core)
• AMD Motherboard - FM2 Chipset Motherboard
• Memory - 8GB (1x8GB) DDR3 1866MHz
• Graphics Card - EVGA GTX 960 ACX 2.0 2GB

It started when i noticed that task manager didnt recognize all 4 of my cores, only (or so i thought )
I used msconfig and went to my advanced setting and saw my boot processors unchecked at 1, so i checked it at 4. Next i restarted my pc, and it happened. it went to crap. at first it went to a BSOD that said bad_system_config_info and no other specific error code. i tried using the bootmgr command during startup to see if i could restart from last known good configuration, but apparently that isnt a feature of windows 10. After exhausting my knowledge I reset the pc and kept personal files, all was going well until it was installing windows 10 and eventually the screen went black for a long time (20 mins). I pressed the power button and restarted the computer. now the bootmgr gui comes up and there is 2 windows 10 instances. I tried booting with them both and i dont know what to do.


Dec 29, 2015
It sounds like your Boot Manager is corrupted, as a friendly reminder, your Boot Manager handles all the duties of booting into Windows. Without a functioning Boot Manager, you can't boot into Windows.

bicycle_repair_man mentioned re-installing Windows. That's definitely the LAST option. Before you try that, I would try running Startup Repair. Startup Repair runs repairs on your Boot Manager. Now do keep in mind, if the damages are really bad, Startup Repair won't be able to fix that. It's worth a shot though in the oft-chance that it works.

Finally, once you're up and running (either via Startup Repair or re-formatting) I'd recommend you back up your PC in case this happens again. Either a disk imager like Macrium Reflect or Drive Cloner or a snapshot tool like Comodo Time Machine or RollBack Rx will work.

Good call.

OP, I use Paragon myself.