Question (I messed up something royal) 16 gb of Ram being read, but only 6.95 usable

Oct 4, 2020
First and foremost, I did this

I'll first go down the list of party supplies we have here, then talk about the problem this computer is almost not usable

I believe f2a88xm-d3h rev 3.1 The bios that was wrote over is V 9 (it's lagged out so bad I can't even type this help wanted post, latency so bad)
First set of Ram EveA D3 2133 2 x 8 Gb of Ram, But it only showed * GB installed and 6.9 GB usable, and I thought I had 2 4GB sticks before Mking this post, I just realized 16 GB in 2 sticks and only showed 8
THen I grabbed F3-12800CL9Q- 16GBZL G Skill Ripjaws Z 4 x 4 GB each, I'll get you guys a picture

A10-7870k Cpu Black Edition
Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 TI < m.2 PCie adapter Crucial 500 GB SSD NVME M.2 (speeds of up to 2100 on this prehistoric UEFI system)

For some reason earlier it said It only had 8 GB installed (6.9 Usable) when these are 8 GB a piece sticks, I got so many old parts I had thought these were 4gb the EVE's

So I go digging in the room that has alll the computer parts in it, I find 4 of those ripjaws, it said 16 GB was installed but only 6.9 Usable. WEird. I so I went on Youtube t ohelp me increase my Ram speed, I did the RUn Msconfig, and set it to Maximum speed, but everytime I close it, it resets. I put it to 16 GB worth.... Nothing, my system still reads only 6.9 GB, and this is when things got slow, and now it wont read 4 cores..., just 1

ANd then, and Ohh Dear Lord mighty, then, I looked in google, and goo gave me this video.... < I suggest dont do that.

I changed the pageload speed and did exactly what he showed, and this is when the computer started the latency problem, the moment it lagged for more than 5 seconds on startup I knew I had <<Edited by moderator>> up somehow....

I got so desperate I reinstalled AMD drivers I didn't want. Nothing. Won't work everything cuts out or lags

I then went back to pageload settings and put back to automate it....the lag and latency isnt as bad now, but its not even at the speed of a 5400 RPM HD...

If any of you have suggestions of how i correct my mistake, please tell me! I've made so much progress with coding lately, pro tools, fl studio (16 year vet), after effects had basically no lag when I replayed back special effect scenes, it was beautiful. I messed up if anyone has any suggestions please tell me ( Other than upgrading my system, mobo, ram, cpu, video card) I could have waited to update for another year because of how so godlike quickness it had, and I just bought a black magic pocket cinema camera 4k, I got no lenses.

I know, I know, there are people starving int he world. And I'm complaining about this. When you come from nothing you have to make the best out of everything. Again.

Any suggestions tell me, I'm going to put the EVE3 ram back in now after I post this.


Apr 24, 2021
Yeah it sounds like the updated BIOS on your old hardware isn't fully AHCI compliant and / or doesn't work properly. Try it back on the old BIOS and see if all the RAM is detected.