Question I messed up with OC Genie 4....

Jan 11, 2020
So I recently bought myself a brand new CPU (Ryzen 5 3600 6 core) and a new Motherboard (AMD B450-A Pro MAX). And my CPU was on around 90° with only 3% usage.

Since i am an confuses idiot i was thinking that it tryed to hold it self at around 90° so i decided to look into the BIOS options and check if i can see it somewhere. Im my Confusion i started the OC Genie 4 funktion BUT since i have put that on my Monitore, Keyboards and everything that is connected to my pc isnt getting started except if my USB connected LEDs .

Does anyone have anyclue how i am supposed to turn OC Genie 4 off whitout being able to get into the BIOS or in to anything in general?
Thanks in advance :)

Math Geek

you'll have to reset the BIOS manually if you can't get into it normally.

p.38 of the manual says to short the jumper on the mobo to reset it. p.25 shows where it is on the mobo. JBAT1 next to the battery.

turn the pc off, unplug it and if there is a jumper there, put it on the 2 pins to short it. if there is no jumper, then take a small flat head screwdriver and touch it to both pins at the same time and hold it for 10 seconds or so. either way will reset the bios.

enjoy :)
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