I must hit 133MHz bus MUST!!!!!



I have a Gigabyte 7ZM mb
with Duron 800

max stable is 118
if i get gooood cooling
is there any way at all possible for it to work at 133MHz bus?

Any way

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Dec 31, 2007
That board uses the kt133 chipset.

With a name like that, i figured you must know something about amd hardware.

Guess not. Go and do some more research.

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ARe you leaving it at the default multiplier setting? It could be as simple as the core not being able to hit 1066 (8x133). Have you tried setting the FSB at 133, and if so, did it even POST?

Couple of things to try. First, if you go ahead and try 133, at least you won't be overclocking any of your peripherals. So go ahead and try it if you haven't yet. If you have and it doesn't work, bump up the voltage. I personally wouldn't go higher than 1.95, but that's me. The higher you set the voltage, the more stable your CPU gets, but the more heat it generates (which an fry the CPU). Get GOOD cooling if you are doing that.

The trick that a lot of overclockers try to do is buy a cheap CPU, but not spend much on quality cooling solutions. Unfortunately, it's like putting 87 gas in a jet lear....it just doesn't cut it for serious overclocking. I'd recommend getting at LEAST an Alpha PEP66 v2 fan with a YS-tech (or preferably a Delta). Other good heatsinks are the Thermoengine (again with a delta fan), the Vantec6245 (yup, with a delta), or if you can afford it, the Swiftech fan (forgot the model number). That last sucker costs 80$ though, but it's practically on the verge of being as effective as bad water coolers. You also might want to hold out for a heatsink coming out called the Millenium Copper. It looks like it may actually have the cooling capacity of some water coolers without resorting for a peltier setup.

Beyond getting really good cooling and tweaking the voltage, there's not much else you can do. I would suggest you actually set the multiplier down to 6x133 which would be 800, and bump up the multiplier in .5 increments. Once you get to a stage you can't boot up into, stay at that multiplier, and drop down the FSB until you can.

Check out overclockers.com, overclockercafe.com, and hardocp.com for good stuff on overclocking. And for good fans, check out heatsinkfactory.com, phamcomputer.com, plycon.com, 2cooltek.com, and coolerguys.com.



i have tried 133MHz bus and it doesn't post or nothing
max is 118 it seems

and i have no way to change any settings
Multiplier or Voltage on the board or cmos..

This board is limited
I can change the bridges to a higher voltage

Why would a 133MHz setting freeze up?
What can't handle it?
The cards? or the board?

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Feb 6, 2001
As jojo said and m_kelder reafffirmed, you have the KT133 chipset which is not stable* at 133MHz FSB, it has nothing to do with the proc or the settings, it is the chipset.

Get a KT133A based mobo to make the 133MHz FSB possible without major surgery.

*I have heard that some major nutcases have gotten the KT/KX133 chipsets to run at 133MHz but I am not sure of the specifics and it seems to require major tweaking and cooling. I would just spend the 100 to 150 bucks on a new mobo, but then again, the KT266 is coming out soon!