Question i need a better understanding of displays to filter down the many many laptops

Apr 7, 2019
res basically is the total of how much info/text we can see on the screen

1. if you have res of X, would X show the same amount of total info/text across all screen sizes? since the total res doesnt change?

if not why not?

2. if we have a res of X, and we zoom out to 80% on chrome, does that mean we are seeing basically 20% more info/text across all screen sizes?

3. if zooming out basically means more info/text, that means the max res doesnt matter that much right? since you can always just zoom out to see more info/text, so you're effectively just increasing the res yea?

if you have the same res in 15'
and in 17' screen size
that means you can zoom out more and see more info/text in 17' screen size
cos the screen size is giving you more space to zoom out from the same res

so larger screen size gives you more space to zoom out
so that means screen size is just as important as max res to see more info/text

need to know to filter down laptops ->


Yes the resolution of the display is what dictates how much you can see on it. Zooming will change how much you see but not how many pixels are displayed. A higher resolution screen will be sharper and more detailed in zoom levels, that also depends on the pixel size and space between them which is where the screen size comes in. A larger screen with the same resolution vs a smaller screen will have the pixels larger and more stretched out so will not be as sharp, but will have larger and easier to see text and icons.

To make it simple for you without all the talk about zoom, etc.. 1080 is a good screen resolution size for 15 or 17" laptops. If you want to go higher end then then 1440 in 17" is good.

You should try to keep your threads to just one, you have a lot of posts posts about the same thing, all your posts are just variations of "what laptops should I buy" but you never actually gave your use for the laptop or budget. You don't need to start one about laptop CPUs, then screens, then RAM then something else, it's all one thing, a laptop. There is a ton of info out there about them, no need to re-hash it every time in a new post.

Our sister site had a lot of information
Apr 7, 2019
higher res = sharper and more detailed

use of lap

it's all one thing

'sharper and more detailed' - what is meant by 'sharper and more detailed', how is it when you zoom out, its 'sharper and more detailed', when ya zoom out the text/info seems to be about the same 'sharper and more detailed'

but anyway this seems to confirm what was said in op and both matters in specifically how much you can see

the other questions arent answered by anyone
and i need to know them

for use of lap i already gave the requirements and thats all that matters, and the respond should be the relevant thread not this one
this one is about displays

i dont understand how it's about 1 thing when they're different, u cant talk about different things in 1 mess of a thread, they have to be separate topics and talks

didnt know laptopmag was owned by w/e owns these sites/companies, maybe they have a laptop specialised forum