I need a bios.rom file for a Toshiba A305-S5934


Jun 19, 2009
So the more complete story is, my boss wanted me to update the BIOS because the computer would freeze when we pressed F2 trying to access the BIOS. He thought flashing the BIOS would fix it and told me to do it. So I went to Toshiba, and found the newest BIOS utility. It had an option to do it in windows, I went through windows to flash a BIOS on a dell laptop a few months back and it was fine. So I thought it would be fine. *** freezes halfway though and he walks over, and the think is dead froze, mouse and everything, then the screen just goes black but the things still running. He forces it to turn off and the thing just boots to a black screen. Nothing. At first he was pretty ticked about me not using a CD to do it through DOS, later, he calmed down and took it with a "well, *** happens" kind of attitude. But I spent the next hour trying to fix it. I told him there was a way to do it I just need to find the right file. I told him I'll look all weekend for it. :/


This link ^^ talks about a way to fix the BIOS. It uses something called Crisis BIOS recovery. I just need a bios.rom file to use. I've looked everywhere for one, I even called Toshiba and they said that theres a .rom file embedded inside the .exe you can download from their site, which is a load of crap.

If you think this method is crap, show me another one! :D But otherwise, I need the BIOS.rom file. Does anyone know where I can find it? Thanks so much. :)