Question I need a cooler mount adapter fron am3 to lga1700 ?


Mar 11, 2022
Normally, newly produced coolers will have the suitable brackets included with the cooler. Kf you don't have one, you will have to ask the manufacturer of the cooler to send you one, usually for free. When in doubt, contact the manufacturer. Some retailer will also offer fitting brackets if they exist for a charge.
Not quite possible, bought last year from AliExpress
You need to contact the cooler manufacturer, not the online retailer. Unfortunately, many of the super-cheap coolers sold on AlieExpress are single-run products. Once the inventory is sold that's it for the model so they may not be interested in supporting a new socket. But if that's not the case you should be able to find an on-line presence for the manufacturer from which you might could order a bracket for LGA1700.
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How do you intend to use 2 coolers?

LGA1700 socket does have slightly wider mounting holes requiring a different mount.
But, lga1700 mounting must also adjust for the cpu die height difference which is lower.

What cpu do you intend to use?
For the most part, any lga1700 cpu that can be cooled with an inexpensive cpu cooler will come with a stock cooler that can do the job equally well.

If you are planning on a high performance K suffix processor, your budget should be sufficient for a good cooler.
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