Question I need a diagnosis or how long I can use my laptop

Feb 20, 2020
I currently own a MacBook Air released in late 2018, and I do not know for whatever reason there are these straight horizontal lines on the bottom edge of my screen. I am new to this server so I do not know how to upload an image here. But essentially there are 4 think horizontal lines on the very bottom edge of the screen. I was wondering, what is actually wrong, and if something is wrong with the screen, how long will this MacBook Air last if I choose not to get it fixed. Can I continue using it daily without any troubles because to be honest the horizontal lines are not too thick and are at the bottom of the screen which allows me to use the MacBook in a normal way. However, I am worried if these lines will start spreading rom 4 to 10 until it covers up the whole screen.

I was wondering if any has experienced something like this with their MacBooks or apple products, and roughly could tell me what is wrong and how long the laptop could last. I would appreciate it.