I need a Gaming desktop for iCEnhancer GTA for under 710$!


Aug 26, 2011
I need a Gaming desktop for iCEnhancer GTA for under 710$
I want to be able to use the GTA Mods known as iCEnhancer with HD with no Lag, and good FPS.
I also want to be able to Render a video on Sony Vegas and not take FOREVER. My laptop(that i am on ATM) cannot do that. it can't even watch 720p videos on youtube!
I can't seem to find a good one. I will be getting the money to buy it the second week of October. Maybe someone can help

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, Video Editting, Internet, Multimedia

Parts wanted: Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor(Anything else that may be helpful)

Preferred Website(s) for purchase: Im not sure where to Search. It just can't go OVER 710$

Country of Origin: United States

Help me Community! help!

Edit: I put homebuilt, but i'm not really sure what that means! Does that mean i buy the parts and put it together myself? If so idk how to do that! I just REALLY need a desktop! Maybe a site that puts it together for me?