Jan 5, 2013
Hey i was planning on getting a new cpu, mobo and gpu but stuff has happened (mostly fifa related (TOTY) xD) and i have spent most of my christmas money. (btw im 13, but im a very technical person :) and i am in need of a kickass gpu for around the £200 mark if possible i need to keep it fairly low.

My current specs are as follows:
CPU- Intel Pentiim Dual core e5800 lga 775 :(
mobo- Asus p5g41t-m lx2
GPU- Gigabyte GT 430

I can run things usually smooth on medium settings or there abouts but i want higher settings, really.

I want this to be able to livestream and run games on the highest settings ( WOW, Farcry 3, Battlefield 3, LoL etc) at the same time as i may start that stuff up again :p

Basically i need a CPU, GPU and mobo for around £300 (if possible) i am happy keeping my gpu for a bit and saving up just looking for a few ideas on CPU and GPU

Thanks Jake


Don't change your mobo rather buy a decent core 2 quad processor. This way you will have enough for your kick ass gpu. You need a good CPU to get a good gpu otherwise the CPU will bottleneck your gpu.

Get a HD 7950 or a HD 7870 to play games at max settings.

P.S. AMD has already announced the HD 8000 series so if you can wait a couple of months for the cards to become a bit cheap.