Question I need a little help with cooling

Nov 5, 2021
I got a b550-f Strix WiFi.

The Cougar GX-S 650W PSU only has 2 x 4-pin so im missing 1 x 4-pin. I read about threads that the 8-pin is enough to power my motherboard so i go with it. I'm using Stock cooler of Ryzen 5 5600x. It gets hotter playing LoL, around 79-83c on medium settings. My question is, is it ok to change from stock cooler to Arctic Freezer 34 eSports despite missing 1 x 4-pin for the motherboard?

Will my psu be ok with it? Will the fans spin enough to reduce the cpu temp? Sorry for potato question. It's my first PC and i only know basic stuff.


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

First thumb rule with PSU's is that if your PSU lacks the necessary connectors for your components in your build, you have the wrong PSU or your have the wrong components. In this case, you should be fine to operate the system with only the 8pin PES connected but if you're going to chase higher overclocks, you will need the extra juice + the additional 4 pin PES connector from the PSU.

You should be fine with the aftermarket cooler but I'm curious to know what the make and model of your case is and what your ambient room air temps are at this point to see if you're going to benefit with an air cooler purchase or a case purchase.
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