I need a low power consuming build


Sep 30, 2011
I am looking to build a low power consumption pc that I can use to run adobe products and some gaming I would like to be be as low wattage as possible seeing as I live off grid and run on solar and wind. But still need to be somewhat powerful budget would be around $1500 and I have the hard drives I was going to put a 120 gb SSD and possible a 2 tb storage drive. If anyone has any advise it would be much appreciated thanks


-Most laptops are pretty good at sipping power. A external hdd for extra storage would give you the 2tb you need.

-The new Llano A8 laptops have a built in 400 shader gpu, some models have a second 400 shader gpu for extra power.

-The desktop Llano uses only 100 watts to run,

-The budget here would be about $450 to $800 for the Laptop, or about $500 for the desktop.

-Building a higher end $1500 system will result in a faster desktop that also uses gobs of power.

-The 35watt socket 1155 dual cores paired with a hd-6770 might also be in the wattage ballpark of the Llano but give you better gaming.